About Thor Ånderbakk

I am a computer science master's graduate from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and I have been working in software development since 2006. As a former consultant for 12 years (BEKK Consulting and Miles), I have gained experience from various companies, industries and projects. I have been involved in all stages of the software life-cycle, from requirements analysis to operations and maintenance, and I have taken on different roles such as developer, architect and team lead. I am also a certified scrum master.

I have a special interest in the Finance and Insurance industry and Cloud architecture. I currently work as a Technical Architect for If P&C, where I design and implement scalable and robust systems that simplify complex problems. I always strive to see the big picture of a solution, focus on reusability, quality and value for the organization. I have an agile mindset with a focus on continuous improvement.